First Week Home

It’s been just over a week since Jordan was discharged from the hospital and able to return home to recover. His blood counts are still improving and he is relieved to be home with his family. He has made it through the hardest part, but he still has months of recovery ahead of him. He wanted to thank you all for your faithful thoughts and prayers. Continue to pray that God will give him patience and peace as recovery is a slow process and he must be careful to protect his body from infection, rest and regain strength.


Going home!

Jordan is being discharged from the hospital today! After over two months in the hospital, Jordan get’s to step into fresh air, go home to his family, see his daughter on a regular basis, and sleep in his own bed. The doctors are impressed with how quickly Jordan’s body has taken the stem cells and how quickly his demeanor has changed. He’ll have a few weeks of recovery at home and 100 days of evaluation, but he is well on the road of recovery!


update 10/28

Today Jordan’s white blood count is 2k, red 7.2k, and platelets 96k. He’ll be getting a red blood transfusion today to boost his red count. He says, “I am so happy and thankful that God has been so merciful in getting me through this healing process.” Knowing he is going home soon is definitely encouraging to us all, as is hearing the strength return in his voice.

Pray that his red blood count will increase and that God will continue to strengthen and heal his body.

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More good news!

Jordan’s white blood count doubled today up to 1.2! His red blood count went from 45,000-54,000, and his platelets went up from 8.1-8.5. As you probably gathered, this means the transplant is working! The doctors are very happy with Jordan’s progress and are optimistic about sending him home hopefully within this next week.

Thank you for your continued prayers, God is faithful to answer!



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Good news!

Jordan’s white blood count has gone up from .1 to .6 in the last few days. This is very good, hopefully means he’ll be going home in the next couple of weeks! Pray for them these next few weeks as they wait patiently, and that Jordan’s time in the hospital will go quickly. Jordan’s dad will be flying back to NC this weekend, but his mom will be staying with them for the next few weeks as she is needed. They have been staying in a hotel near the hospital but will return home tomorrow. For those of you who live in the area, meals would be a huge blessing as they will be busy with Gabby and commuting to and from the hospital everyday.

Thank you for your prayers!


update from Jordan’s mom

Within the next few weeks, Jordan will probably be released from inpatient to outpatient for his treatments. Right now, he is an extremely weakened condition, and is only allowed low minimal exercise, just enough to keep his body mobile. The drugs and confinement are causing anxiety and depression. We have much to be thankful for, as Jonathan was a perfect match for him, and we trust that all will go well with the healing process, but we still covet your prayers.

When he is released, he will have to keep on a special diet and his environment will have to be particular. Things such as clean sheets each day, and his own bathroom that no one else uses.

Jordan and Corie had only moved into their home last year. It had been a foreclosure and needed some work. One of the things they had been working on when Jordan got sick was fixing up their bathroom. They were planning on taking their time and getting it done when they had extra money. They had torn out the old tub, toilets and sinks, and began tiling and replaced the tub. It is now necessary to step up the speed of this project to prepare for Jordan to return home. There is a hall bathroom that Corie and Gabbie can use, but the bath in their bedroom needs some labor and materials to make it usable. If anyone would like to donate towards this project, please use this site to donate. The cost left for the bathroom is $1400.


Prayer request

Please pray for Jordan’s blood pressure and anxiety. The medications are causing him to have high blood pressure and a lot of anxiety, but he needs the medications.

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Transplant complete!

The transplant is complete! Jordan is in high spirits, as are the rest of us. Pray that Jordan’s body will happily accept the transfusion and begin creating its own cells!

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Transplant now!

Jordan’s transplant was moved up and he is receiving it now. Keep him in your prayers through out the day and weeks ahead!

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